Sylvia den Engelsen

  • partner
  • general counsel
  • secretary to the board
  • director legal affairs

You have reached the top of your profession, so the next step will not be upwards. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you feel the need to move on. Perhaps – although not necessarily – to another organisation, another field of expertise, a new environment in which you have a different role or can work in a different way. You may derive fulfilment from a secondary position, such as a position on a supervisory board, a part-time teaching position at a university or a seat on a board.

My expertise allows me to act as a sounding board for you in exploring the possibilities for someone with your specific background and wishes, and the ways in which these wishes can be fulfilled.

Both of us should benefit from such an exchange of information. You will have greater insight into the manifold opportunities in the upper echelons of the legal world, keeping you sharp and in motion. I will have a more detailed knowledge of your wishes and capabilities, so I can contact you when that one position that is tailor-made for you comes along.

It is always worthwhile to get together, to catch up and exchange ideas.
Please don’t hesitate to call or mail me to make an appointment.