Sylvia den Engelsen

In the late 1980s, I was the first in the Netherlands to specialise exclusively in the search and selection of lawyers. In the decades that followed, my consultancy Legal People has advised a wide variety of companies, firms and not-for-profit organisations on (often highly complex) legal appointments.

The success and growth of this consultancy made it necessary for me to devote some of my time to management and commercial activities. I derive the greatest satisfaction however from listening to lawyers and organisations, with the aim of uniting two parties in a profitable, long-term relationship. In mid-2010, I therefore decided to sell my share in the consultancy, to focus again completely on my own area of expertise.

As I always strive for long-term results, I have built up many lasting, solid relationships. The added value I bring to organisations lies in my personal network of highly experienced lawyers. For lawyers, my added value lies in my network at the level where complex legal positions are filled.

This also means that, when you call denEngelsen, you get den Engelsen. Because, last but not least, the added value for me lies in being able to work with you, personally.

Please feel free therefore to contact me at any time: I look forward to meeting you (again).